My Account

This section describes how to set up and manage your Account./user-guide/account

You can view your account profile by selecting the "My Account" link from the main menu at the top of the page.

The green sidebar on the left will show your name and profile picture along with any system role(s) you have (usually none), and the LBP licence class(es) you currently hold.

Your account profile page will show your LBP licence details and when these were last validated against the MBIE database, along with your address and contact phone numbers.

If you have been allocated a free project upgrade coupon on registration, this will also be shown below your address and any phone numbers.

Your account page will also show a summary of any outstanding invitations to SmartBuild projects than require your response, and a summary list of the most recent projects you have been working on.  You can use the search function to find a project that is not shown in the recent list.

My account screenshot
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