Create a New Project

This section will describe how to add a new project.

Click the "Create a new project" button at the top of the list of My Projects.

This will bring up a form with fields presented in three categories:

1. Project detail:

Enter a brief descriptive name for the project and the relevant Building Consent Authority.  You can start typing the name of the authority, and the system will respond with a list of possible choices that you can select from.

Enter the building consent number, if this has already been issued, else leave this field empty.

Add any notes about the project that are relevant.

2. The Building

Enter details about the building, including the address.  If you enter the first part of the address, then a list of matching options from a New Zealand address database is presented to allow you to select the correct choice.  The remaining fields will be filled automatically from the chosen address.

3. The Owner

Enter the required details about the building owner.  After providing an owner name, then the owner address details are populated from the building address. If this is not required then the details can be replaced with the actual owner address.

Add the owner contact details, including an email address.

Leave the project status as "Active" and "unlocked".

Click the "Continue" button.

Create new project
Create new project
Create new project
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