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Such a good service and I enjoy using it

“The standardised and detailed tick box guides make it easy to get memos done for Council.”

James – Design 2 LBP, Whanganui

It’s just there when you need it. Really good

“Great tool. It eliminates paperwork. The tick boxes make it easy to record tasks accurately. It saves me time.”

Chris – Carpentry LBP, Lower Hutt

Why SmartBuild?

SmartBuild is designed to replicate what you are already doing now and to ensure that you continue to meet building compliance requirements by making the process smoother, more efficient, and more accurate. With SmartBuild, you will have more time to spend on other important tasks.

How does SmartBuild ensure compliance?

All memorandum forms submitted by the LBP will be reconciled in several ways: Firstly, it reconciles the Trade LBPs Restricted Building Work (RBW) tasks with the Design RBW tasks.

It then makes sure that all the consented RBW tasks have been allocated to Trade LBPs holding current licenses and matching these tasks to their specific LBP license.

Finally, the system ensures that all RBW tasks have been carried out or supervised, the building and LBP ID details are completed, and the forms are dated and signed. Making sure that nothing has been missed.

Is my Council going to accept the SmartBuild forms?

Yes. Councils nationwide have been receiving SmartBuild forms and none have been rejected. Our forms comply with all the relevant sections of the Building Act 2004

Is SmartBuild an App?

SmartBuild is not an App. Simply save the SmartBuild URL (Login) to your favorites to get immediate access.

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