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When you need to provide an LBP Memorandum form


Always free

1x Licensed Building Practitioner

Free Upgrade to any Team Project within 90 days from registration

Small Team

For medium sized building projects where you want to include your team

 $49 per Project

One Design LBP and one Trade LBP + your Admin support person

Invite unlimited number of non - LBP Project Team members

All members can upload and share Project documents

Large Team

For larger residential building projects requiring multiple LBPs

$199 per Project

Invite unlimited LBPs and non - LBP Project Team members

Invite Sub-Contacting Businesses to your Project

All members can upload and share Project documents

Your free trial will commence upon registration.

No lock in contracts

90 Day free trial

No credit card details required for registration


1 LBP Free

Small Team

Two LBPs and unlimited team members $49 per Project

Large Team

Unlimited LBPs and unlimited team members $199 per Project

Free registration
Prefilled LBP Memorandum forms with LBP’s credentials
Forms are automatically dated and signed
Comprehensive additional tick boxes matching each LBP license
Email and upload Project forms and documents directly to your council and BCA
Upload and store any project files
System auto alerts for incomplete LBP Memorandum forms
All Project records securely archived for 10 years
Automatically checks LBPs license status on the MBIE LBP Register
Hold and assign Team Project roles
Automatically sends notification of LBPs engagement or disengagement to the relevant Council/BCA
Create Teams including LBPs and non-LBPs and invite all to your Project
Share Project documents with your clients
Real-time project activity view