Update Your Account Profile

This section describes how to update your account profile.

You can edit and update your account profile by clicking on the "Edit profile" link in the page menu.

This will display a page with data fields grouped into three categories:

1. Personal info: these are details such as your profile photo, name, and contact phone numbers. You can optionally upload an image of your signature to use when the system "signs" the required compliance forms on your behalf.

2. Address: these are for your personal address, or office address if you are associated with a building business. If you enter the first part of the address, then a list of matching options from a New Zealand address database is presented to allow you to select the correct choice.  The remaining fields will be filled automatically from the chosen address.

3. Licence info: This is for your LBP licence number and details of any design or trade licence classes that you hold.  These details will be checked against the MBIE database to ensure the the entered licence number or classes are valid.

  • If you hold a design licence of type "Design 1", "Design 2", or "Design 3", then you need to enter your LBP licence number and specify a practitioner type of "Design LBP" (this is the default).
  • If you are a registered architect or a certified engineer, then you should specify a design licence of "Design: other" and select the appropriate practitioner type.  You should also note your registration number in the LBP licence number field.
  • If you hold an LBP licence for foundations, roofing, brick and blocklaying, or external plastering, then you must select the appropriate sublicence categories that your licence covers.
  • All LBP licence details will be validated against the register maintained by MBIE. Any discrepancies will need to be fixed before you can save your licence details.
Edit account profile
Edit account profile
Edit account profile
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