SmartBuild for Licensed Building Practitioners

The easiest way to complete, submit and manage your LBP Memorandum forms

Easy Memorandum form-filling

Everything is online! Simply log in to your account, tick the boxes – job done.

Will remember your LBP details every time and all forms are Automatically signed and dated.

No writing, printing, scanning or attaching forms to emails. Send forms directly with one click.

Tick-off tasks quick smart

Use the highly detailed tick box options designed for accurate record-keeping.
Only tick boxes relevant to your LBP license will be shown.
If needed you can type in additional notes.

Manage your liabilities

Get easy access to your super detailed LBP Memorandums during the 10-year liability period.

The more detail you enter now, the less you will need to remember in the future. Peace of mind.

Amp your reputation

Up your profile with access to digital compliance tools.

The must-have tool in your professional toolbox!

Streamline Compliance Management with SmartBuild

SmartBuild simplifies the compliance management process for everyone involved in residential building projects that involves Restricted Building Work.

Our system automates tasks and ensures all requirements are met, saving you time and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

A smart system for smart people.

LBP Memorandum forms that autofill your details and signature every time

Highly detailed tick box options designed for accurate record-keeping

Upload additional supporting documents, save and send with one click

Manage liabilities. Quick access to all forms for 10 years

Building Act compliant LBP Memorandum forms accepted by all Councils/BCAs

Easy to use, user-friendly

“A really good platform. The standard format means everything lines up well with what I need for ROW. Easy to use, user-friendly and emailing from the system is handy too”

Morgan – Brick and Block LBP, Wairarapa

It’s just there when you need it. Really good

“Great tool. It eliminates paperwork. The tick boxes make it easy to record tasks accurately. It saves me time.”

Chris – Carpentry LBP, Lower Hutt

Choose the plan that’s right for you


When you need to provide an LBP Memorandum form


Always free

1x Licensed Building Practitioner

Free Upgrade to any Team Project within 90 days from registration

Small Team

For medium sized building projects where you want to include your team

 $49 per Project

One Design LBP and one Trade LBP + your Admin support person

Invite unlimited number of non - LBP Project Team members

All members can upload and share Project documents

Large Team

For larger residential building projects requiring multiple LBPs

$199 per Project

Invite unlimited LBPs and non - LBP Project Team members

Invite Sub-Contacting Businesses to your Project

All members can upload and share Project documents

Your free trial will commence upon registration.