Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions we receive which you may find useful.

Q. Why should I use the SmartBuild products?

A. SmartBuild is not reinventing the wheel. Our products will not change what you are already doing now, just make it easier and save you time doing compliance tasks.

Q. Is my council going to accept the SmartBuild forms?

A. Yes. SmartBuild users have been sending their forms to councils for several years and none have been rejected. Our forms comply with all the relevant sections of the Building Act 2004.

Q. Do I need to sign the SmartBuild documents?

A. The short answer is No. The SmartBuild forms automatically put your name into the signature space and enter the date the forms have been completed. This becomes your electronic signature. Done and dusted.
The longer answer based on legal advice is:
“We consider that electronic signatures included on forms such as LBP memorandum completed and submitted via SmartBuild (being the typed name of the person signing the form) adequately identify the signatory and the signatory’s approval of the relevant information and are reliable as is appropriate given the purpose for which and the circumstances in which the signature is required.”

Q. Can I fill my LBP Memorandum form as I go?

A. Yes. Whatever SmartBuild product package you use, the system will allow you to fill-in and save details as you go.

Q. Will SmartBuild save copies of my completed forms and documents?

A. Yes. SmartBuild will save and keep copies of all forms and documents for at least 10 years

Q. Is my privacy secured? Will my details be passed on to any third party?

A. Any details that are not already in the public domain (e.g. pricing) will not be shared with any third party.

Q. Is SmartBuild an App?

A. SmartBuild is not an app. Simply save the SmartBuild URL (Login) in your favourites to get immediate access.

Q. How do I find more information about the way the SmartBuild system works?

A. Once registered, you will find easy to follow guides throughout the site. If you still have questions, contact us.

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