Silver/Gold Dashboard

This screen displays the project activity dashboard for Silver and Gold level projects.  The dashboard consists of a number of panels showing different aspects of the project.

1. Design details.  This will be a comprehensive certificate of design (CoD).  If the design has been externally consented, then the CoD details may be entered by the project manager, or if one or more design LBP have been engaged, the design can be entered by these members and then exported to seek approval from the BCA.

2. Trade Workflow. This shows the status of each LBP engaged on the project, indicating whether they have completed all tasks, and whether the Record of Building Work describing those tasks is ready for submission to the BCA.

3. Trade Activity. This will show the status of the RBW building tasks for each LBP engaged on the project.  The RBW tasks are derived from the design details and the licence classes each LBP brings to the project.

4. Activities without an LBP licence. This lists all RBW activities derived from the certificate of design details, that are not covered by an engaged LBP.  You will need to invite one or more additional LBP members with the required licences to the project.

5. Submitted trade addendums. All LBP members engaged on the project can create an addendum, which is a document with optional attached files, describing aspects of their building activity that have not been described in the record of work to be submitted to the BCA.  Addendums form part of the documentation of the project, but are not included in the detail submitted to the BCA, although the details in an addendum may be used to answer any queries from the BCA during the process of seeking a code compliance certificate.

6. Check project compliance. Compliance is checked periodically in the background, but this panel provides an action button to allow the project manage to request an immediate check of the compliance status of all engaged LBP members.

Project activity dashboard 1
Project activity dashboard 2
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