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This section describes how to set up and manage your project teams.

A project team is a pre-defined group of SmartBuild users who can all be invited to a project at the one time.

Each project team member is specified with a project role (Trade LBP, Project admin, etc) and one or more licence classes to bring to the project if their role is either "Design LBP" or "Trade LBP".

If a team is invited to a project, then the system treats it like a set of invitations to each member with the pre-defined role and licence class(es) requested.

If a member of a project team is also currently a member of the project, then they will not receive a separate invitation.

Multiple teams can be invited to a project.

If a user is a member of more than one project team, then they will receive and invitation that combines the roles and licence class(es) from the separate pre-defined team settings.

User can be added to and removed from a project team at any stage, and their settings can be updated when required.

Each project team has a set of action buttons in a drop-down list:

  • Manage members: This will allow new team members to be added, or existing ones updated or removed.
  • Edit team: This will enable the team name to be changed.
  • Delete team: This will delete the team and all memberships


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