SmartBuildĀ® Product and Pricing Packages

SmartBuild offers three online products and pricing plans to meet the needs of all types of building business., whether you are a one-man-band, mid size or a large operator.


Regardless of your business size the system will make your compliance process easier and save you time.
Register and receive a free Gold Project.

SmartBuild Bronze

Complete your LBP memorandum forms online

Free to use
Receive one free Gold Project

Designed for smaller building and design companies and for solo LBP operators.

SmartBuild Silver

Invite and manage a project with up to 5 LBPs

$80 per project
Receive one free Gold Project

A pay per project package designed for medium size projects

SmartBuild Gold

Invite and manage a project with over 5 LBPs

$150 per project
First project free

An upgrade of Silver for larger projects requiring a bigger team of LBPs